Summer Vacation In Ireland

These past few days went by so quickly. We have just spent a week in a lovely place in the beautiful countryside of Co. Kerry in Ireland. What a time filled with pleasant surprises. What a tremendous blessing this vacation has been so far!

If you look at a map you will find this county in the southwest of Ireland. It’s famous for its Ring Of Kerry, for towns like Dingle, Killarney, and Kenmare. Many adviced us to visit these towns and the Ring Of Kerry — all in South Kerry, by the way — but we headed north most of the time. We had absolutely no desire to go further south than Tralee because we have found so many breathtaking areas closeby in North Kerry. (Pictures to come shortly!)

The south might attract tourists but not visitors like us. We prefer places that are not crowded by people, the peaceful, quiet spots of unspoiled nature, the unique songs of the seagulls, and beaches without blue flags — most of the times. Of course we visited some towns and did some shopping, too. But overall we just love to stay in the countryside and visit the lonely spots of Ireland.

Does time (really) go faster when we are on vacation?

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Today is a very special day. I’m not only grateful that God has brought this amazing man into my life but that He has also blessed us in so many ways.

❤ Happy 20th Anniversary! ❤

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Don‘t Worry Too Much

But what if we have to live without?

Are you sometimes worrying that you might lose something or that a friendship you treasure will break up? I do. At times I worry so much that it hurts. And then I ask myself, How can I prevent that from happening?

Are you, after a loss, struggling too with thoughts like I should have… We could have… Why didn’t we? I always have to stop myself from giving in to these kinds of thoughts.

It’s true that we do worry at times and there are times that it might be okay to worry, I think. However, we can worry so much that, instead of enjoying and being grateful for what we have, we are destroying the joy of it.

My brother didn’t have his driver’s license for long when he got to drive my parent’s car. It was a rather relaxed drive until my brother didn’t hit the break soon enough and crashed into the car in front of us. He felt so ashamed and asked if my dad could drive home the family car. But my dad refused and said: “You’ve brought us here, now you are taking us home, too.” My dad’s reaction was similar after my first car accident. He told me to get back into a car and drive again as soon as possible. When we fall we need to get back up again and press on.

True, it’s much easier to overcome a loss of things than it is to lose people. There are no perfect people walking this earth. We all have been hurt by friends and family but we have hurt others, as well. Yes, it’s hard to trust that special someone in your life when a former friend or family member has treated you badly and walked out on you before. But we have to learn to cut cords with the past and focus on the here and now.

Become a (prayer) warrior instead of a worrier: start praying for situations and for people in your life. Ask God for guidance. Read His Word and take notes and see how He will work in your life.

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