Disappointed? Hurt? Looking for answers?

Welcome to Able To Perform, a website for and about Christian women: our lives, our hardships, our faith.

When we are just newborn Christians we leap for joy and there is absolutely nothing that could take our faith away. Being young Christians we are more like little children, full of courage, in the Spirit, reaching for heaven, and so sure that we can outrun everyone and that nothing bad could ever happen to us. We have it all worked out…

Then the other side of life under the sun strikes: debt, addictions, broken relationships, being different, divorce, miscarriage/s, death of a loved one, abuse, rebellion, and the list goes on. How are we to deal with that?

The world keeps changing its ways all the time — and so do its opinions. There is no security found in it. But God’s Word never changes and is still relevant today.

How is the wisdom found in the Bible of greater worth than the wisdom this world has to offer? Join the journey and discover!

You will not get all the answers here. What I hope, though, is that you’ll find encouragement, guidance, hope, and the longing to go to the real source of life — Jesus Christ — because He Is Able to Perform.