The Menu Plan — Part One

Remember my post in June called Save Money Each Month — Groceries? I promised to post some ideas about creating a menu plan to lower your monthly shopping bill.

A quick reminder, in that particular post I mentioned:

  1. Shop less often.
  2. Don’t buy prepared food packages.
  3. Cut down on meat.
  4. Do your math in store (bulk packages aren’t always cheaper; bring a calculator along)
  5. Pay cash (it’s tempting to buy extras because you can charge your card)
  6. Know how much you will spend before going to the store.
  7. Create a menu plan.

The advantages of a menu plan are:

  • Avoid the stress of not knowing what to cook that (or the following) day/s.
  • Shop accordingly and have all items at hand — no extra runs to the store.
  • Know almost exactly what you will spend on groceries each day, week, month.

Before I can assist you in creating the plan you will need to know/find out a few things, please. I will post The Menu Plan — Part Two on September 1st when you can fill in the details and create your very own menu plan.


  • Likes and dislikes of food (include your family members, of course 😉 )
  • In the next couple of weeks, find out: Which meats/vegetables/fruits, etc. are cheap/er than others? For example, which meat is cheaper: beef, chicken, fish, lamb, turkey? Which vegetable? Which is cheaper: pasta, potatoes, rice?
  • Is there a store close-by that offers fresh diary, meat, vegetables and fruit products?
  • Do stores in your area offer “boxes” like a (weekly) veggie and fruit box for delivery/shipping to your door? If so, how much are they?
  • While online check and compare prices for bulk and special products to prices at your local supermarkets.


Author: Mirjam

Once lost, now found. German native, now living in the beautiful Sunny South East of Ireland. Helpmate, homemaker, mom, writer. Using my pen name (Mirjam Fels) I'm writing for and about Christian women.

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