Familiar Hymns

Some of my readers know already that I grew up in Germany, in a traditional Christian home. Meaning, that my parents went to church whenever there was a (baby) baptism, confirmation (protestant), wedding, or a funeral. Every night, until I was about ten years old, they prayed a children’s prayer with me.

During my childhood years my brother, a youth leader in the church, took me to the local Lutheran church for Sunday School. Later on in life we went to the family worship service. And it was in a Lutheran church that I’ve got to hear and sing and love some more or less famous hymns like this one:

(It’s amazing, how listening to this version just transferred me back to my childhood. It’s almost exactly as it will sound in a traditional Lutheran church in Germany ;))

It wasn’t until many years later that I’ve got saved — while living in the States. And it was there, that I heard and sang and loved this and other hymns all over again! Here is a beautiful version I found on Youtube by Don Moen:

This is sort of a follow-up of another post I did this year The Principle Of Repetition. My point being: the more we are exposed to something the more it becomes familiar to us — no difference if it is a good thing or a bad thing. So, choose wisely what you are watching and what you are listening to throughout the day and week.



About Carmen W.

I'm a helpmate, homemaker, mom, and writer, who was born and raised in Germany but is now living in Ireland. I love to study, read and write about the Christian faith, homemaking, home education, music, and dog training.
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