Hymns — Collection

Recently I picked up learning to play the piano again. If you read my post Familiar Hymns you remember that I had set it aside for a while. My focus, my heart’s desire, has changed since then; now I feel confident to continue with my studies. I’m always looking forward to my next lesson and my goal — being able to play some of my favorite hymns — keeps me focused on what’s really important.

When I was a child I went to the local Lutheran church in Germany and at the age of 14 I got confirmed. My grandma gave me two presents that day: a beautiful white handkerchief and a Gesangsbuch (Hymnal). Sadly, both of them got lost while moving all over the world, but the memories of singing hymns, using my very own hymnal at church, remains.

Later on, while living in the States, I’ve heard and sung some of the hymns in English. Is it any wonder that, now, living in Ireland and going to a church where one of the pastors loves to sing the old hymns, I come across these precious songs again?

Psalms have become such a treasure in my life. I love to read and pray them. What psalms are to me while I’m reading God’s Word and praying, hymns mean to me while singing and praising God.

If you are like me, looking for the texts and melodies of hymns, here are two wonderful online sources that help me in getting a hold of sheet music and lyrics. One is found at PDHymns.com The other one to me is a real gold mine because I have found many of the German worship songs there, too. You will find it at Hymnary.org

What’s your favorite worship song? Where did you first hear it?

Author: Mirjam

Once lost, now found. German native, now living in the beautiful Sunny South East of Ireland. Helpmate, homemaker, mom, writer. Using my pen name (Mirjam Fels) I'm writing for and about Christian women.

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