Clean Homes

One way to make our houses homey is to keep them clean. Easier said than done! In a family home dishes get dirty, laundry needs to be washed, beds have to be made and bathrooms call for cleaning, too. And these are only a few of the daily tasks. As the family grows so does the workload of the household.

Learning and training how to become a good homemaker is probably done best while we are still young. But there are many of us out there today in whose lives the foundation was not laid at home. Also, you might find, some things just have to be done differently in your home.

Good Advice To Learn From

In chapter four of her book The Fruit of Her Hands: Respect and the Christian Woman, Nancy Wilson explains the difference between principles and methods. I found it very helpful to know that even though we agree on basic principles, many of us have different ways (methods) of accomplishing things. We can always exchange our thoughts, share our advice on what we think works best (for us), but we should be careful not to make a principle (fundamental truth) out of a method. Meaning, we agree that our homes need to be cleaned (principle) but we should never, as Nancy states, become overzealous for conformity to our methods. Other women — young and old — will have another way of doing things but the principle remains the same.

Having said that, I want to tell you about a great book for cleaning homes:

Is There Life After Housework? A Revolutionary Approach to Cutting Your Cleaning Time by 75% by Don Aslett.

Don Aslett is America’s #1 cleaning expert and shares so much in this book. He’s written more books on cleaning but this is my favorite. It’s nearly 250pages thick and will give you great advice on how to clean your home more efficiently — which will save you from wasting precious time 😉 Now, remember, he is talking about methods — some may work for you and some may not.

So, does housework ever end? I don’t think that homemakers can ever say: “Everything is clean and in order!” In fact, many days, it is hard and monotonous work — the home is cleaned all the way through but it won’t be long until it needs cleaning all over again. Often there isn’t much of a self-worth left in the homemaker at the end of the day. But remember, we should not look for our confidence in self but in Christ!

About Carmen W.

I'm a helpmate, homemaker, mom, and writer, who was born and raised in Germany but is now living in Ireland. I love to study, read and write about the Christian faith, homemaking, home education, music, and dog training.
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