Excellent Books

In Trustworthy Help Meet I’ve told you about the books we’ve received that day. I’m still going through mine, The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace, while my husband is reading his, The Exemplary Husband: A Biblical Perspective by Dr Stuart Scott, so I cannot write a complete review about them yet.

Many women will not like what they read in Martha’s book, e. g. that a wife is placed under the authority of her husband. Her viewpoint is based on God’s Word, though. It differs a lot from the world’s view about what it means to be a wife. How sad that even many Christian women rather go by what the culture says about womanhood than digging deeper into the Bible to see what God truly has to say about this.

Yes, much of what is said in God’s Word, e.g. submission or the man ruling over the woman, goes against our nature. We want respect, love, romance — a picture perfect marriage just like in the movies. But, say, are we to live by what the world demands, what our nature says, or do we want to know what the Bible says? And, if we follow the world’s advice, are we really satisfied and happy? In the end, will our marriages hold or fall apart?

We need to know and remember what God says about us and to us in His Word. He is our Maker. He made us: man and woman. He knows best and He is the only One who is able to change hearts and lives!

Stay tuned. I’ll share more about The Excellent Wife — A Biblical Perspective in my upcoming book review in a short while.

About Carmen W.

I'm a helpmate, homemaker, mom, and writer, who was born and raised in Germany but is now living in Ireland. I love to study, read and write about the Christian faith, homemaking, home education, music, and dog training.
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