Pointing People to God

Recently, I found myself involved in a discussion. The topic? We were asking ourselves how we could reach a particular group of people for Christ. Great suggestions were brought forward but the response coming back was discouraging: That’s against the rules of the (named) organization*. The reason for it? We do not want to interfere with their theology (if there are Christians within the group) nor do we want to run the risk that non-believers keep the Christians from staying in that group. 🙄

I wonder how many people could be reached if we would put ourselves more under the headship of Christ and worry less about people getting upset.

Yes, I understand that we as Christians need to place ourselves under the authorities which God has established. We cannot run in different directions, there needs to be a unity within the Body of Christ. However, isn’t evangelism pointing people to God? Shouldn’t that be our goal? I don’t think other Christians would get offended when we tell them about Jesus. Should they? Now, concerning non-believers, don’t they need to hear the Gospel at least once in their lifetime? And, if we are not telling them, who will?

*In case you asked: Yes, a Christian organization!

Author: Mirjam

Once lost, now found. German native, now living in the beautiful Sunny South East of Ireland. Helpmate, homemaker, mom, writer. Using my pen name (Mirjam Fels) I'm writing for and about Christian women.

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