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Studying the Bible, some of us neither want to dig deeper nor even want to know what God says in His Word regarding delicate topics like finances, submission under authority or teaching our own children. If we do come across a topic that makes us feel a little uncomfortable to talk about, we will usually give our best to explain what (we think) God really says in specific Bible verses. But that’s a topic for another day’s post 😉

Today I want to talk about two different methods of studying the Bible. Before I do I want to mention what my former pastor used to tell us – his congregation:”Context! Context! Context!” This is so true. Be careful whenever you come across a single verse that was taken out of context. It might seem to say something completely different than what it really says within its context.

Having said that, let’s tackle the two methods.

Deductive Study

For this method you’ll take a topic and then go to the Scripture to find out what the Word says about it. You’ll dig deeper and find verses that either support or disprove a general statement. In short, you’ll start with the general and work your way to the details.

I think a notable danger of this method is that we can literally read something into the text that isn’t there.

Inductive Study

Using this method you’ll go the opposite way: You’ll start with the verses, the details found in the Bible and build a general statement by digging deeper into the meaning of these verses. It’s more like an exegesis approach: We’ll take the words as fact and go from there.

I prefer to study God’s Word using this Inductive* Method. I have found that, even though we are not completely protected from errors of interpretation, it seems easier for me to discover what God really says and to apply it in my own life.  Bible Study and Devotional Writing


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