Do Not Worry

I wrote about St. Patrick of Ireland and mentioned that Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up when people are usually wearing green and attending parades — not this year, though. The Irish government considered the public health officals’ advice, that due to the fear of possible spreading of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), all major events should be postponed or cancelled. Two days ago, on the 9th of March, it was made offical: no festivals and parades for St. Patrick’s Day in 2020.

Lockdown and Restrictions

Italy is in a lockdown stage. Many other countries have restricted public gatherings of a higher number of people in one place.

I received an email from a ministry yesterday which said that they had cancelled the “Open Day” coming up in the next few days. Big ministries and mega churches are called to cancel their conferences and worship services. The Christian Post tells us in an article that some churches are already taking precautions. Another good source to keep updated on the Coronavirus in a Christian perspective is WORLD magazine

I’m thinking back to a time when other believers had shaken their heads after I had told them that we used to attend an online church. “Unbelievable. You can’t be serious! Why would you do that?” they asked. Now, I wonder if they would change their mind once local church gatherings are no longer permitted.

God With Us

Don’t panic! There is no need to fear because God always remains in control — even if we would get sick. Yes, I know, sometimes it is so hard to keep our focus on Him and to trust Him whatever life brings for us. It’s this fear of the unknown of what is going to happen tomorrow. We are not alone in that. A great man had gone through a lot, and we can read more about his life, how he has lost everything, and his tremendous hardships including sickness and pain. A little later on I will share some of my notes from the book of Job.

Today I want to leave you with the words found in 1 Peter 5

6 Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time,
7 casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.

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