Christ Our Victor

I love to play with words. Well, that’s what writers do, right? 😉 Today, while spending time with the LORD in prayer the following came to my mind:

C hrist
O ur
V ictor
I n
D aily Life

Christ the LORD is not only Victor of days ahead, but He is right there for us in our daily life — no matter how easy or hard it is to live! Of course we should call upon the name of the LORD in these times of troubles; however, once we are saved out of this trouble we need to remind ourselves of how He has brought us through all of this!

Unless we forget and take things for granted (again) — falling back into the “normality” of life and the danger of wanting to live life on our own (again) — let us not neglect then to remind ourselves that:

One generations shall praise Your works to another,
And shall declare Your mighty acts.

(Psalm 145:4)

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