Turn Around Your Sleepless Nights

We are certainly facing an unstable time at the moment. Who knows where this is leading to? God does! That’s why it is so crucial that we will stay focused on Him — even in the dark hours of the days.

Robbed of Sleep?

Due to the unique circumstances our stress level is higher than usual. This can quickly rob us of our sleep. The less rest we get the weaker our bodies. Our strength fail us and we become more tense with each day. We have to stop right there!

Turn Around

I know this sounds strange to some of you. It’s the only way to go, though. We need to devote even more of our time to prayer and meditating on the Word. How — if we are sleepy all the day long? By turning our sleepless nights into times of prayer and meditation. No, I’m not kidding. Give yourself a push, even if it’s in the middle of the night, and get up to read and meditate in the Word.

Turn your sleepless hours into an opportunity to pray and meet with the LORD!
Watch what He will do!

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