Titus 2 Women — Part 02

But as for you,
speak the things which are proper for sound doctrine:

Titus 2:1

LORD Jesus, we praise You for giving us clear instructions in Your Word. Forgive us, O God we pray, whenever we are looking at them as casual guidelines. Help us to know the Truth, to believe the Truth, to speak the Truth, and to live the Truth. In Jesus’ mighty name we pray. Amen.

As my sister and I were doing a walk today we were asking ourselves: What more can we do? We are restricted in our movement, kept apart from coming together for worship, and prevented from reaching out to help others. There must be something we can do! Just recently I had also been challenged by the question: What do we need?

It is even more important, especially in such a time as this, to know the Truth because it is the Truth that will make us free. (John 8:32)

Paul, writing to Titus, does not talk about the women until verse three, but the keyword to look out for in verse three is “likewise.” What is it that women should do likewise? We will get to that in Titus 2 Women — Part 03. Today we will focus on verse one; it will lay a foundation for the following verses.

READ — Let’s read today’s verse again:

But as for you, speak the things which are proper for sound doctrine:

ENGAGE — Think: What does the verse say? (Copy/Paste)

What kind of things are pastors (including Titus) to speak?

Things which are _____ _____ _____ _____ (NKJV)

In other words, they are to teach sound doctrine (the Truth) and to warn and to correct the ones who go against it.

APPLY — Think: What is this verse telling you (a member of the Body of Christ)?

Whenever you listen to the pastor’s message do you know if he speaks things which are proper for sound doctrine? Why or why not?

Open your Bible and follow along to see whether the things he is talking about are true or not.

DO — Think: What (more) can you do?

Titus, as well as other pastors, have a great responsibility to teach the Word to the congregation. From Genesis three and onward the evil one does not like the Truth. In fact, he will do everything to distort the Truth and to distract the preachers from studying the Truth.

Knowing this, let me ask you to:

Pray for your pastor and his family often and on a regular basis.

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