Power Belongs to God

God has spoken once,
Twice have I heard this:
That power belongs to God.

Psalm 62:11

LORD Jesus we praise You for the power belongs to You. Hallelujah! You are above all powers, above all nations, and above all situations. There is absolutely nothing that You could not do, for nothing is impossible with You. Forgive us, O God we pray, whenever we fail to see that—no matter what—You remain on the throne. Help us to trust in You, not only now and then, but all the time and with all of our life. Enable us to seek You early and not as a last resort. Guide us in our thoughts and prayers and especially in our decisions. In Jesus’ mighty name we pray. Amen.

We don’t like to be weak, do we? Many of us, though, long to have more power than we need or should have. How many times do we forget that it is not us, but God who is able to make things possible? On the other side, how often do we fail to see, to believe, just how powerful our God is?

Regarding today’s verse Matthew Henry comments: 

That the God with whom we have to do is infinite in power. Power belongs to God; he is almighty, and can do every thing; with him nothing is impossible. All the powers of all the creatures are derived form him, depend upon him, and are used by him as he pleases. His is the power, and to him we must ascribe it. This is a good reason why we should trust in him at all times and live in a constant dependence upon him; for he is able to do all that for us which we trust in him for.

How can we know that God is powerful? Do we truly believe that with Him nothing is impossible, that we can trust in Him at all times? Let me ask you one more time: How do we know that power belongs to God? By reading and studying His Word.

Know what God’s Word says today. 

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