Declare His Greatness

A Praise of David.
I will extol You, my God, O King;
And I will bless Your name forever and ever.

Every day I will bless You,
And I will praise Your name forever and ever.

Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised;
And His greatness is unsearchable.

One generation shall praise Your works to another,
And shall declare Your mighty acts.

(Psalm 145:1-4)

LORD Jesus, we praise You for You are our God and King. Forgive us, O God, whenever we are tempted to make idols for ourselves. Help us to see what it is, or who it is, that keeps us from trusting in You alone. As the heavens declare the glory of God, so shall our mouth declare Your works—one generation to another. Enable us to magnify You, to exalt Your great name, and to declare our trust in You. In Jesus’ mighty name we pray. Amen.

Held Captive

What is it that is holding you captive today? Who or what is keeping you from putting your trust in the Good Shepherd alone? Is it anxiety? Are you worried over your finances, your health, or what will happen in the future? Or are you held back due to strong ties of love for something or someone?

Have You Checked With God Lately?

Did you pray about that matter asking God to lead you to the answer? Be freed from whatever is holding you captive at the moment.
Did you then search the Scriptures to read what God says about all of this?
Did you then trust and obey His Word?

Do You Seek, See, and Declare His Mighty Acts?

1 Have faith in God! Hebrew 11:6 saith that it is impossible to please God if we do not have faith. We must first believe that there is a God, and we must diligently seek Him.

2 See for yourself what God’s Word says. You must be the one who believes, who diligently seeks Him—taste and see that the LORD is good (Psalm 34:8). No one else can do that for you.

3 Share with others, declare God’s mighty acts, what God has done for you—with your friends, your family, and especially with the next generation.

Spread the Word!

Like the woman at the well who met the LORD Jesus,

and then left her waterpot, went her way into the city, and said to the men, “Come, see a Man who told me all things that I ever did. Could this be the Christ?”

(John 4:28-29)

Imagine how many have come to Christ, how many have

believed in Him
because of the word of the woman
who testified,
“He told me all that I ever did.”

(John 4:39)

Live the Word!

This is what I call “powerful evangelism.” Living for Christ and sharing what He has done for us. People may say that the Bible is not true. People may deny that the heavens declare the glory of God. But people cannot ignore when we are,

extolling our God and King,
blessing His name,
praising His name,
praising and declaring what He has done for us.

(according to Psalm 145:1-4)

Declare what He has done for you today.

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