The Fear of the LORD

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge,
But fools despise wisdom and instruction.

(Proverbs 1:7)

LORD Jesus, we praise You, for You are the Word of God the Father. Forgive us, O God, we pray, whenever we seek counsel and instruction outside Your wisdom. Fill us with the knowledge of Your will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. Guide us, precious LORD, so that we may seek, hear, trust, and obey Your Word today. In Jesus’ mighty name, we pray.

In a short devotional, Matthew Henry writes that,

We must pray for the fear of God.

You find yourself in a dilemma. You have to make a choice, and it has to happen soon, very soon, but you are afraid to make the wrong one. What are you going to do? Cast lots, or boldly choose one way or the other? Will you seek the counsel that comes from the Word of God, or will you limit wisdom to yourself and others?

We seek to know what exactly it is that we need to do in certain situations, do we not? We long for answers, especially whenever things are at stake, like our reputation, our family, our home, our health or our wealth.

Where can you begin to find knowledge about right and wrong? What kind of instructions can be translated into practice? Whose wisdom can work things out for your good? Do you know the answers?

Let’s read today’s verse again and fill in the blanks:

What is the beginning of knowledge?

___ ____ __ ___ ____ is the beginning of knowledge,

What should we not despise?

But fools despise ______ and ___________.

What good does the fear of God do?

By searching the Scriptures, we will find out what it is that the fear of God will accomplish. People will come out with one consent (1 Samuel 11:7), they will refrain from making war (2 Chronicles 17:10), and they are less likely to be in danger of falling for iniquity, partiality or taking bribes (2 Chronicles 19:7). The fear of the LORD endures forever (Psalm 19:9). It is the beginning of knowledge (Proverbs 1:7), of wisdom (Psalm 111:10, Proverbs 9:10), and a fountain of life (Proverbs 14:27). It is said to prolong days (Proverbs 10:27), give strong confidence (Proverbs 14:26), and enable one to depart from evil (Proverbs 16:6).

How the churches were multiplied

Acts 9:26–30 tells us that some of the congregations were afraid that Saul’s (Paul’s) conversion was not genuine. Listen to what is written about the churches after they had peace and were edified.

And walking in the fear of the Lord
and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit,
they were multiplied (verse 31).

What an encouragement and call to follow their example! Hallelujah!

Be zealous for the fear of the LORD today.

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