Happy New Year 2024

And He opened their understanding,
that they might comprehend the Scriptures.

(Luke 24:45)

We praise You, LORD Jesus, for You are the Way to heaven. Lead us in the Truth of Your Counsel, and keep us safe on the Path of the everlasting Life. Guide us, O God, when we read Your Word today. In Jesus’ precious name we pray. Amen.

Happy New Year!

How did 2024 begin for you? Did you make any New Year’s resolution for it? Have you set your goal for this year, and do you have a plan to make it happen?

One out of 52 weeks of the year already passed. How is your Bible reading coming along so far? Did you choose or even create a specific one to follow along in 2024? Or will you, like we do, stick to the one that has served you well over the last couple of years?

What happens if you miss a reading or two? If you are following a 365-days (timed) reading plan, I suggest you do not try to catch up whenever you missed reading the daily portion/s. Instead, continue with the reading that is scheduled for the day, and give your best to follow the plan.

If you have not done so, establish a good routine for your daily Bible reading. Set aside 20–30 minutes each day – whenever there is the least chance of distraction/s coming along your way for the day.

There is another plan you could follow along if you would like to. It is created by the Hembree Family and provides a daily and a weekend show each week. The Bible Discovery Guide (which offers the daily reading plan and a great selection of articles on various topics and subjects) is available through their website as well. Find more details at BibleDiscoveryTV.com, and please do check it out. It is well worth your time. Pastor Rod and his family are eager for you (and your family) to read and study your Bible along with them.

Do not give up on your plan to read the Bible today.

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