Diligently Wait On Your Master

Whoever keeps the fig tree
will eat its fruit;
So he who waits on his master
will be honored.

(Proverbs 27:18)

LORD Jesus, we praise You, for You are the Master Teacher. Forgive us, O God, we pray, whenever we fail to listen to and learn from Your Word. Enable us to hear what You are telling us in the Scriptures. Lead us to the Wisdom that comes from You, our LORD and Savior, the One who keeps Truth forever. Do not let us put our trust in princes nor in a son of man, but in You alone. Guide us to seek You for our Help and to have hope in You, for You are our God. In Jesus’ mighty name we pray. Amen.

Have you been to the corner of your house lately? What does it look like? What is its current state? Is it still in good order? Or does it look like it will need some repair/s soon? Perhaps, the paint already started to crumble off of a wall, and a more or less huge crack began to appear close to it? 

When things are going well we tend to neglect to look after them. As soon as matters become worse, we often want to put off the time and effort it takes to repair things. The real problems start, when things begin to fall down and are hardly worth the pain or even impossible to get back in working order again.  

Matthew Henry comments on today’s verse that,

This is designed to encourage diligence, faithfulness, and constancy, even in mean employments. 

He explains that, the keeping of fig-tree requires constant care and attendance, while it is growing and, even after it has grown to maturity, it needs to be kept in good order. The servant needs to be diligent in waiting on his master, observant of him and obedient to him, Matthew Henry points out.

How often will we neglect to pay attention to the corners of our house, our marriage, our family life? Do we still check with the Cornerstone (Christ Jesus) and wait for His orders? What is the current state of our home, marriage, family life? Did we, in one or the other way, reject to hear and obey His Word lately? Or are we observant of Him and do what He tells us to do?

Keep close to the Master and wait on Him today.  

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