Mirjam Fels

I contributed to Wenn Kinder zu Hause zur Schule gehen by Thomas Mayer and Thomas Schirrmacher, VTR (9783933372871), which was a tremendous blessing. I assisted the authors in their research, translated some of the texts from English to German and had the honor of writing a part of the chapter Zur Frage der Sozialisation about socialization. I worked through two small English curriculum booklets, translating them into my native language (Unternehmen Auca and Die Schlacht des Trommlers).

Later on I translated some articles about Creation from English to German and wrote a movie review about Expelled for a magazine in Switzerland. Until a few years ago I was working as a translator on an online platform. I stopped due to an inner conflict.

Currently, in 2018, I’m back into studying God’s Word and the English language, and reading and writing more again.