Do not let false teaching or mocking of the Bible stop you from finding the truth about what the Bible really says. Take the Book and read it yourself!

Bible Translations

There are so many different Bible versions out there (even within one language). Which one should you choose?

I started my Bible readings in English using the KJV (King James Version) and I loved it right from the start. Even though I’m a German native I do not have any problems understanding this text.

The KJV uses the “Masoretic Text” for the Old Testament and the “Textus Receptus” for the New Testament. These are also the basic texts my favorite German Bible (Schlachter Version 2000) uses.

I have other Bible translations at home but I rarely use them except for the ESV (most of the Bible texts you find here are of the English Standard Version).


  1. Make it a habit to read your Bible every day. Schedule a special time to do so.
  2. Get a Bible reading plan. There are several available online (just search for Bible Reading Plan). The Outreach Forty-Day Getting Started Plan is a good way to start. I also like the Read the Bible Through In a Year plan provided by The Teaching Home (former homeschool magazine).
  3. Read your Bible after an opening prayer.
  4. Take notes. (Connect verses that had an impact on your life to the notes you have made. Share them as testimonies.)
  5. Read verses and paragraphs over and over again. Repetition makes the text sink into your memory. Memorize bits and pieces.