The Homemaker‘s Kitchen — Part 1

A homemaker will spend many hours of her day in the kitchen. What a joy for her if she loves to spend time in it. It’s the place where she stores her food supplies and where she bakes and cooks her family’s favorite meals.

Imagine for a minute, how much more is going on in this part of her home. Look at her kitchen table where she can do her arts and crafts and sewing projects, or where her children sit down to do their assignments. It’s there that the family gathers for daily worship, to play board games, or to host their guests.

What do you think of your kitchen? Do you like it? Or do you find it would need more cupboards? Perhaps its front doesn’t have such a lovely color as you might wish and/or the countertop reveals its age by now? Say, would you like to spend more time in it again and transform it into a cozy, clean and pleasant place for your family and guests?

“You don’t understand. We don’t have the money to buy a new kitchen,” you say. Don’t worry. Theodore Roosevelt once said:

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

That’s exactly what I’ve reminded myself of, about two weeks ago, when I struggled very much with my own kitchen (we are renting the house we are living in). You see, I had just received the workbooks of my new home economic course and began working my way through a section called Efficient Kitchen Organization. The more I read, however, the more I frustrated I became. Why couldn’t I have a different, a better kitchen? One that works?

I longed for a bigger and nicer one with new appliances; one that would have more than one hanging cupboard; one that would have a sink with two basins… It was no fun baking and cooking in this place.

Oh my goodness!

After taking a break and slowly reading through the same section again, I rolled up my sleeves and began to work with what I have and where I was at…

By the end of the day the job was done and I was quite pleased with the outcome.

Yes, I did struggle and, to be honest, it wasn’t easy at all to rearrange everything and reorganize my working space according to what the workbook said, especially since my space is quite limited. But, I did it. Now it makes such a huge difference and working in it is so much fun again. More on that in Monday’s post.

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Unchangeable Truth

Depending on how old you are, you have gone through more or less new findings. If you follow along, have you ever wondered about their wording or the sense behind them?

What do I mean by that? Let me give you two examples from of my own life:

  • When I was young, a few decades ago, they said that if you cannot easily peel a boiled egg you have not done a good job letting cold water run onto it after boiling it. Now they say that the ease of peeling the egg depends on how fresh the egg is.
  • Thirty years ago they told us not to lay down a baby on his back — to prevent SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and so that the babies would not choke to death if they would throw up while in bed. Today they say differently: the risk of dying of SIDS is much higher for babies that sleep on their side or on their stomach.

What if they are wrong? What if they had been right years ago? Did they find out more? Have they made new discoveries? Back then we’ve thought we can trust their advice and found it to be true. Now their truth has changed. Who can guarantee that it will not change again tomorrow, next week, next month, next year or even in ten years time?

True, the peeling of the egg is not that serious but the death of a child is — and so is the death of a relationship, the killing of love, and the destruction of a marriage!

Be careful in whom and in what you are putting your trust in. Opinions change and so can people, but the Word of God will last forever.

In 1. Peter 1:24-25 it says that:

All flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of the grass. The grass withers, and its flower falls away, but the Word of the Lord endures forever.


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Most Wonderful Time Of the Year

How do you think about December? Is this usually a month of joy and celebration for you? Or do you feel burdened by getting ready for Christmas?

When I was a child I used to love December: It’s when winter starts, the fields and roads are white, and it’s cold outside. It’s when we would light candles, drink hot chocolate, keep warm and cozy at home. In the evening of the 5th we would put our boots outside for “Nikolaus” to fill them over night with sweets and maybe a small toy or two. A few days afterwards I would get more presents for my birthday and then Christmas came up and there would be even more presents for me to open. How exciting!

Now December seems a rather sad month: Nikolaus doesn’t seem to find his way around that often anymore, each birthday means I’m another year older 🙄 and a few days before Christmas is my mom’s day of death. This Christmas will be the first without my dad (he did in March), too.

However, this year things are a bit different. I surprised a new friend on St. Nikolaus Day with a little present. Guess what? She had the same idea. My birthday went by quickly, and I’m glad it did because I don’t like it when people make a fuss about it. Still, I received beautiful cards, lovely mails, gorgeous flowers, a few text messages and when I thought it was over (in the evening) a friend gave me another present (cookbook ❤ )

Can you believe it? 14 more days until Christmas Eve! We keep the American tradition of putting the tree up around Thanksgiving Day. At first I didn’t want to put it up and decorate it, but by now I’m into the decorating-the-whole-house kind of mood. Even the stairs got a touch of the season.

No matter if we are looking forward to this season or not, we usually tend to forget the most important reason to celebrate it 😦 It’s supposed to be a season filled with hope, joy and love. The LORD Jesus left heaven to be born in a stable on earth, to grow up and teach us and love us and die for us — so that His people could be saved and go to heaven to be with Him one day. How exciting is that?

For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

(Isaiah 9:6 NKJV)

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