Two Arguments Against Homeschooling

Years back, while we were homeschooling, I’ve repeatedly heard these two arguments against home education:

  • The children will not socialize well.
  • You are not a teacher. How can you teach your children?

The first argument is one that every homeschool family will face sooner or later. So, do children that are homeschooled socialize well? I’ve shared a few thoughts in August last year (see my post Socialization) and I will share some more soon.

The second argument usually does not come up that often but it is still important. The homeschool mom may or may not be a teacher, the student’s willingness and ability to learn is of greater importance. If the homeschool children are able to study they will reach the goal and graduate. Their mom teaches them how to learn, where to find reliable sources and then she encourages them to keep on learning. That is called Learning For Life. 😉

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Study Of English

Writers are suppossed to read a lot and from a wide variety of texts. Another thing writers should do is to continually study the craft of writing — through reading books about it and/or take one or the other course. Perhaps learning more about the craft should also involve learning more about the language itself. What do you think?

I received the books and CDs of the Kings Of Israel curriculum and then the first part (Grammar & Composition) of my English course on 21st of June. Last Thursday the remaining books of the English 11 curriculum by Abeka arrived — just in time to start on the 9th of July.

So here are my study books for 2018-2019

As you see, there are some readers on my desk as well 😉 English 11 by Abeka Books calls for 6 book reports — one of them has to be on The Scarlet Letter. I was free to choose the other five books.

Did you notice the wooden box with flash/index cards? Hubby made that for me ❤ It will be a great motivational reminder during the tougher times of memorizing grammatical and literary terms, vocabulary and more.

So, what made me decide to pick up the study of English again? It’s exactly what I need at the moment: the bit of pressure of having to read a variety of books and stories (English 11 includes a great textbook called American Literature), the push of having to review and deepen and learn Grammar and Composition skills, and learning new vocabulary.

Yes, I could have signed up for a college class but the ones I liked were just a bit too expensive. I also wanted to have a course that is taught in a Christian point of view. Another reason for me to pick this particular curriculum was that I know many of the English textbooks of Abeka Books already and have worked through some of them during our homeschool years. Last but not least, this year I will be focusing on American Literature and next year, while working through English 12, I will be going through British Literature.

I’m very much looking forward to this year as well as next year’s English course. Are you currently advancing your writer’s education? Do you like to read know-how books about writing? Or, do you prefer to sign up for a course for writers?

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Opportunities To Help Children Grow

Did you have a chance to work in children’s ministry before? If so, you will know how it feels when you are looking at the little ones while they are sitting in their seats and are listening to the story you are telling them. They might surprise you by their curiosity; and don’t you just love it when their hands go up and you see their faces sending that message to you: I know the answer! I know it! Please, call me to give you the answer!

I’ve had many opportunities to help children grow and influence them in a positive way. I worked as a daycare provider and loved it! I helped out in Sunday School while I was living in the States. I tutored and watched over younger and older students doing their homework at my house. It has always been such a blessing to me to have children around…

Since a few years things have slowed down a bit. I’m older 🙂 and I don’t come across that many opportunities anymore to help out in children’s ministry. Yes, I did an hour here and there but nothing that would call for much responsibility or involvement. So, can you imagine just how touched I had been, back in May, after my friend asked me if I would teach the memory verse in July’s kids club week? These past two days, Monday and Tuesday, I’ve had the privilege to help out at a Christian children’s camp.

I really enjoy working with children but, whenever I do, I’m usually a bit nervous, too. Leaders and teachers can have such a tremendous influence on these little ones. My worry is that I’ll end up talking too much about myself and focusing too much on people (even characters from the Bible) instead of telling them about the precious Savior and how He can be found.

If you are working in the children’s ministry, may I ask you not to take it for granted nor too lightly what you are doing? Please, do pray before each teaching opportunity and do ask for God to work through you. The less we are trying to influence the children ourselves and the more we are telling them about our amazing God, the LORD Jesus Christ, and what He has done for us, the more real He will become for them.

Let’s help children grow in their faith by teaching them about the true Source of life and how they can access it (the Word) because that is what they will need especially when hardship strikes!

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