Keep Calm

I used to own a green coffee mug with a shamrock and the following words on it:

Keep Calm. It’ll all be grand.

At times, life turns into a rat race and we’ll slip into an unhealthy hectic lifestyle, won’t we? Then it so important that we will cut out a few things and learn to say No. That’s the time to keep calm, trust in the LORD, willingly hand over things to Him and acknowledge Him that He will direct our life (Proverbs 3).

Beside keeping calm there are some things we can do to make life easier on us — and others:

We should keep ourselves and our homes in order (clean and neat). The best way to avoid clutter in the house is to work off the pile of papers and to assign a place for everything. If we keep our homes clean we won’t have to stress out when unexpected visitors arrive.

We should keep and follow a schedule. It’s time to view the time God has given to us as being precious. Let’s take it seriously. Time is a gift from God and not to be wasted. We need to get to places on time, being punctual not only for appointments and for meetings but also for gatherings with friends and family. Another thing is to work off the daily tasks. What will happen if we procrastinate? Tasks become harder and harder, more and more uncomfortable, the longer we are pushing them aside.

Also, let’s remember that whatever we do we should do it with our might (Ecclesiastes 9:10) and as to the LORD and not unto men (Ephesians 6:7, Colossians 3:23)

By the way, the coffee cup I mentioned earlier had been a good reminder that, in every circumstance, I need to stay calm. In this Irish saying there is no referral made to the LORD. Still, I’m convinced that All will be grand — not due to the fact that I keep calm but due to the fact that the LORD reigns

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Cabin Fever

Remember that I mentioned two Arguments Against Full-Time Homemaking in Friday’s post? Running out of time and space I only discussed one, the financial issue. Today I’ll talk more about the other reason given: Cabin Fever.

I want to share three things why women may feel like they cannot stay at home all day:

  1. They dislike the monotony of housework.
  2. They find that there is not enough to do for them at home.
  3. They crave to meet other people and see different things.

Yes, the daily routine often seems monotonous and boring. By the end of the day, it can make us feel like we haven’t accomplished much. A good cure for this kind of feeling is: Take a notepad (get a larger size out, you’ll need it 😉 ) and pencil and jot down every task you are doing throughout the day (including the smaller and faster ones) and the time spent on it. And I mean every single one of them! You will be astonished how much you have done that day. Which leads me to the second point…

I often wonder how in the world I’m going to squeeze in all the things I will need to do that day. I mean, there is so much to do: cooking meals, baking bread and cake/s, wiping counters, washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming and sweeping floors, doing laundry, and ironing clothes. That’s just to name a few. How about all the time-consuming trips like taking the children somewhere, shopping for groceries, or meeting with people who are in desperate need of some encouraging words or who need someone who will give them a hand with weekly tasks?

Yes, I believe that our husbands and children need to come first but that doesn’t mean we will not meet other people or see other things beside our own household. Like I’ve mentioned, there is so much to do at home but then we can also care for families who are in need. How about cooking a meal for someone who isn’t able to? Or assisting someone in her housework because she cannot do it on her own at the moment?

Of course, homemaking is monotonous at times. And, yes, sometimes it feels like we are going in circles not accomplishing much at home. Many will tell us for a woman to find fulfillment she will need to search outside her home. Is that true? Has God really said?

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Arguments Against Full-Time Homemaking

When I discuss the issue of homemaking with people who are not too keen about the idea they usually argue that…

In today’s world a woman can no longer stay at home full-time. The family just couldn’t afford it.

It’s usually the men who are saying this and then they’ll list all kinds of expenses their family has. They couldn’t possibly meet all their family’s needs, could they? Women, on the other side, tend to give me another reason for having to go to work…

Work is a welcome change to the monotony of housework. I just couldn’t stay home all day. What am I to do the whole day long? I need to go out of the house and meet other people.

Let’s tackle one at a time, shall we?

Raising a Family On One Income?

Is it possible for a family of four to live in a 800-1200 square feet house? It sure is! Bigger homes not only cost more to buy or rent but also to maintain. Especially with the current energy prices, heating the larger home could end up costing you a fortune. 

Is it possible to feed a family of four on one income? It sure is! A great side-effect being, they usually eat healthier and more regularly than a family where both parents are working outside the home.

But what about owning a car, a house, going on vacation, buying gadgets and all? Well…

I find that this is the main reason why a couple does not want to be living on one income or why they would say that it isn’t possible for them to be living on one income.

You see, if only one person is working and making money, then the family will have to cut back a bit, of course. That doesn’t mean, though, that they won’t survive on less money. Truth is, and here lies the challenge, we need to ask ourselves: are both incomes needed for our family’s survival or to fulfill our family’s dreams?

We could ask: What about the second car, for example. Do we really need it? If both of us are working outside the home, we sure do. Then we will need to spend money to buy it and on insurance, gas and maintenance.

There are many ways how we can cut down our monthly expenses and save money. Stay tuned, I will get into more details in future posts.

But what about the other argument against full-time homemaking? Monday’s post will offer more on that 😉

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