Our Devotional

Unless the LORD…

The Able to Perform blog is not about us, but it is about the LORD our God.

The Able to Perform blog is a devotional written  for the Christian family. Its main goal is to remind the reader—and the writer/s of it— that God is the only and ultimate Source who makes things happen, who can change things, and the One who is able to perform. The idea for the name of the Able to Perform Devotional, originally came from the bookmark that Carmen’s grandma has given to her many, many years ago, which says:


RÖMER 4,21

The German words are taken from “Römer 4,21” (Romans 4:21) as found in the “Lutherbibel 1912.” Their literal translation into English is:

What God promises, that He is also able to perform.

Hang on tight. We will dig deep into God’s Word and explore what it means to trust in God instead of in ourselves.