About Carmen

Hi, my name is Carmen, and I love writing.

From childhood on, I have always loved writing. I enjoyed coming up with encouraging poems, short stories, and letters and sending them off to friends and family members who were facing hardship.

My vision has not changed. I still love to encourage the Christian woman in her daily life to press on, especially while she is going through a tough time.

Devotional blog posts and Bible studies for Christian women (both published here at Able to Perform.com) are two of the things I’m writing and publishing regularly.

Even though my mother tongue is German, I prefer to write in English. It just feels more natural to me. My love for the English language began while I was living in Fayetteville, AR, during the 1990s.

After a few years, I moved back to Germany, where I met and married Stefan. In 2005, we decided to spend our first vacation ever in Scotland. The LORD had other plans for us, though, so we spent a week on the Emerald Isle instead. We immediately fell in love with Ireland, and this is also the place where we were first introduced to sheepdogs.

2010 was an exciting year for us. We bought our first Border Collie (sheepdog), and we moved to Ireland that year. Since 2013, we have been living in the Sunny Southeast, where Missy (our Collie-Springer-Terrier mix) joined us in 2015.